Expressive Arts Coaching


Bring the **Expressive Arts Workshop with Dr. Lorena Fernandez** to your group or organization. For groups of 30 or more, up to 500. The workshop includes:

  1. A 30 minutes lecture covering how to tame the inner critic, the areas impacted by your own artistic self expression, emotional self regulation with the arts and befriending our Shadow (The Shadow as described by Dr. Carl Jung.)
  2. Varied, full-hearted arts activities that engage the non-verbal self quickly to facilitate personal growth and group building. Art materials and guidance to create powerful personal symbols and text for your own development.
  3.  A home guide so once you finish participating in the workshop you know how to continue the self-development process on your own.

If you would like to bring this to your group or organization email at:

What is Expressive Arts Coaching?

Expressive Arts Coaching combines the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development. By integrating the art processes and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, problem-solving and creativity. Sharing our artistic expression in safety is important.


What kind of problems can we solve with Expressive Arts Coaching?

We can solve problems in which we experience a sense of being stuck in an unwanted situations for which we see no way out. There is a clear feeling of being trapped without any viable alternatives. This ‘tightness’ can also be described as ‘having no range of play.’ These types of problems are difficult to solve because the answer or solution is not within the range of alternatives that we can see. The more we focus on solving the problem, the less we can find a solution. Therefore we need to find a new perspective from which we can see new options.

Expressive Arts Assumptions:

  1. As restricted as a situation might be, other possibilities exist hidden to the persons in the situation.
  2. Advances into the unknown are made more attractive by sessions marked by openness, appreciation, playfulness, lightness and curiosity.
  3. The client is the ‘expert’ in his or her situation. The coach will only help the client explore in new ways to find a new perspective.
  4. Problems that seem unsolvable require more than a linear step-by-step approach, instead they might require something ‘new’ or a more basic change that we can find by expanding our “range of play.”


Expressive Arts Guidelines:

  1. Everything shared in the sessions  is confidential.
  2. There is no wrong way of doing things.
  3. No experience with art media is necessary.
  4. There is no evaluation.
  5. All feelings are allowed.
  6. Dreams and insights are respected and supported.
  7. Everything proposed during the session is a suggestion, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it, there will be no questions asked.

Who can benefit from Expressive Arts and Creativity Coaching?

  1. Expressive Arts Coaching can be helpful for persons seeking personal development, self-discovery and healing.
  2. Expressive Arts Coaching can be helpful for individuals and groups solving problems and brainstorming in a wide range of business, professional, and educational settings.
  3. Expressive Arts Coaching can be helpful in team-building, to strengthen the resilience of  the team, to establish and retain its well-being and to activate resources, cognitive diversity and a sense of coherence within the team.

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Group Expressive Arts Sessions – Available for your organization

Houston Texas USA

To arrange a group workshop at your location email:  or text 281 748 1477

“I had the opportunity to be part of one of Lorena’s workshops and got really impressed on how from simplistic directed activities participants were able to gather information from their minds and hearts that was hidden somewhere, like the big elephant in the room of their lives. It was a very moving and helpful experience. Knowing her book Spiritual Healing with Art also helped me to see the critical importance of art in our lives and how we can actually use it to heal, to leave our baggage behind and move on.” Mariela Tinoco Human Resources / Statoil 

California 2014
California 2016
Hong Kong 2015

What people said:

“You Divine phenomenal Woman Being! You are a great and I mean great facilitator. You were and are so calmed and centered. Everything to me flowed well from one thing to another. It was fun and energetic, yet it was deeply moving. I was really surprised by my reaction and my art. I admire your courage to deal with a controversial topic. It was beautiful! Thank you.” L.M.B.

“Me diverti, goze como loca. Ademas me permitiste entrar en las profundidades mas secretas de mi misma. Tu expontaneidad, tu diosa interna, tu creatividad y mera presencia hicieron de este workshop una experiencia inolvidable para mi (y para muchas tambien.) Sos una facilitadora y una artista incredible!! Gracias.”: Rosario Sammartino

Lorena: I would like to thank you for the EA workshop you lead at the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) staff meeting on November 7. You presented us with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our co-workers in a fun, creative, non-judgmental environment. The staff truly enjoyed the exercises you chose for our group. The EA workshop allowed us to see the importance of the arts in the self development of not only youth, but also adults. The workshop provides such a unique way for individuals to learn about themselves and others in a non-critical, fun and safe environment. Sincerely, Jean McMillan Executive Director Palmer Drug Abuse Program,

ARTreach Houston Texas

“Your relaxed, fun presence worked. You constantly gave permission to ‘do what you want’ A lot of freedom to explore any direction, nice. Glad you had people up and moving for ½ hour. Nice timing and design of movement, art and sharing. Your enthusiasm for life inspires others. Thanks” Natalie Rogers

“Lorena, the (Diabetes Support Group) patients loved the expressive arts activities. I told my Director what you did and she thought it was great. The patient’s said that they really enjoyed being part of the program and not just sitting and listening. Thank you again for your wonderful program and I look forward to seeing you again soon.” Certified Diabetes Educator Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

“You are so warm and genuine, your love, excitement and enthusiasm are infectious. They drew me in to your workshop. I was very surprised how much came out for me in the art and in sharing it. It was good that you kept the plan simple. It gave me time to let my feelings really emerge and to have time to explore them and share them. It left me with some feeling of vulnerability my “difference” from other group members. You responded directly to me when I shared with the whole group – That was very valuable to me, gave me a feeling of being heard and really acknowledged. I needed that after sharing, helped me feel safe again.” L. A. UK

“Congratulations on doing such a great job! I admire you for doing a workshop on this, I would like to have that kind of courage. The sharing was very important and interesting to hear the variety of insights that came out in your offering.” B.K.




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