Creativity: Your Spiritual Connection to Life Force and the Universe

This article was written for the Indigo Sun Magazine in Houston, September 2016

downloadWe humans have been using the arts and imaginative rituals from the beginning of our time on Earth to heal ourselves and to ensure our survival. The night before the hunt, ancient peoples gathered around the fire to visualize how they wanted the hunt to go, using music, acting, storytelling and drawing representations of their visions and desires on the cave walls.

Through that preparation they sharpened their senses, honed their awareness and summoned their energies to ensure peak performance, without hesitation, at the time of action.

Since then, Shamans from all world cultures have used the power of Expressive Arts, symbolism and rituals to increase their people’s chances of survival, peak performance and success in obtaining whatever the people wanted and needed.

As humans we are born with extraordinary capacities to use and create symbols. A three-year-old child can talk on the phone using a banana and can draw two circles and say “this is me and that is my dog!” The high level cognitive skills required to create that scenario is truly remarkable, and it would be impossible to teach it to one who could not do it naturally. For instance, there are many intelligent species that can never recognize that their own image reflected in the mirror is, in fact, a representation of themselves and not someone else!

This capacity to create symbols in order to manage what is not currently happening, but events we want to happen, scenarios that intrigue, bother or scare us from the past and/or the future, might be the ultimate reason why humans mustered the courage to attempt great feats and succeed at them. It might be the reason why human kind, with our frail bodies, did not become extinct, but instead flourished all over the world. Creating tangible symbols and rituals to alleviate our own suffering, our fears and to envision and clarify our desires is, and has always been, at our fingertips.

However, at some point in our history we bought into the idea that art is about how it looks or how it sounds, and that became more important than the powerful transformation it can produce in our own mental, spiritual and energetic states.

Many humans were shamed because a tangible expression of their soul, an artwork they made,  was confused with a superficial thing that did not meet some aesthetic requirements.  The tangible symbols from the human spirit cannot be judged. They simply are. Just like any other natural expression of the universe such as a sunset or a waterfall; they simply are.

The artistic self expression of the human deserves respect not only from other people but also from the creator. Through his or her own art (poem, drawing, dance, etc.) the creator can understand something important about current life circumstances, and about his or her connection with the energy that allows for life on earth and for the existence of the universe.

That is the proper context for personal artistic self expression that deals with your emotions and your spirit. In my Expressive Arts Coaching Sessions, individuals begin reconnecting with their own deeper, authentic self through symbol making. There they recover those parts of themselves that brought them delight, aliveness and creative energy in the past, and discover new ones. The joy and creative energy unleashed through artistic self expression spills to all other projects and areas of life.


“I participated in Dr. Fernandez workshops and got really impressed on how from seemingly simplistic directed art activities participants were able to gather information from their minds and hearts that was hidden somewhere, like the big elephant in the room of their lives.  I saw how we can all use art to heal, to leave our baggage behind and move on.”   Mariela T.

 “Lorena, you are so warm and genuine, your love, excitement and enthusiasm are infectious. They drew me in to your workshop. I was very surprised how much came out for me in the art and in sharing it.” Lisa. UK

 “Me divertí, gocé como loca. Además me permitiste entrar en las profundidades mas secretas de mi misma. Tu espontaneidad, tu diosa interna, tu creatividad y mera presencia hicieron de este workshop una experiencia inolvidable para mi (y para muchas también.) Sos una facilitadora y una artista increíble!! Gracias.”: Rosario S.

Dr. Fernandez offers individual and group person-centered Expressive Arts Coaching session in Houston and around the world aimed to energize five areas of impact:

  • 1.       The Self (Self-development, self-discovery, self-expression, self-improvement)
  • 2.       Emotional Management (Lifting the fog of difficult emotions, adding joy and playfulness)
  • 3.       Communication  (Relationships with others)
  • 4.       Interactions with the World (Systems and materials management)
  • 5.       Creative Visualization (Imagining new possibilities and solutions)

She is the author of three books: Art and Self-Creation: The Roots of Creativity and Innovation (Think Media: EGS Media and Philosophy Series) ,  Spiritual Healing with Art / Curacion Espiritual con Arte, and  How to Exist, an impractical guide / Como Existir Guia impractica. 

For more information and to set up an appointment visit:, text: 281 748 1477 or email

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