Art and Self-Creation: The Roots of Creativity and Innovation (Think Media: EGS Media Philosophy Series)

Art and Self-Creation: The Roots of Creativity and Innovation proposes using the metaphor of the Complex Adaptive System to think about the human, embedded into environments that trigger change in that human. The nature of that change, however, is determined by the internal organization of the human; interconnected, interdependent, adaptable nodes that include Nothingness (as described by Sartre), Other People (as the condition where awareness begins), The World, Emotional Management, The Self, and Creative Visualization. As the human faces internal or environmental triggers for change, he or she experiences ambiguity, existential anxiety and emotional turmoil. In order to reorient him or herself in the new situation two sensemaking questions must be answered: What is happening here? And Who will I be in this situation? Artistic self-expression provides the ideal practice to lift the fog of emotional turmoil and to simultaneously create and discover identity constructive answers for those questions.


How To Exist, An Impractical Guide: Como Existir, Guía Impráctica (English and Spanish Edition) 


My poetry and art represent my emotional reality and my commitment to passion; Passion as the element that guides the directions in which I take my life. Passion defined not as mere feeling or sensation, but as powerful insights into the being that I really am. I refuse to be carried by the currents of life in the form of social pressures; instead I am passionately committed to a certain direction, even when I don’t know the final destination. I hope that this book will inspire you to explore your inner guide using art.


Spiritual Healing With Art: Curacion Espiritual Con Arte (English and Spanish Edition)  

In her moving bilingual art memoir “Spiritual Healing with Art” Fernandez showed how she was able to heal her spirit with art. With over 80 artworks and bilingual text (English/Spanish) the artist’s life story, including early emotional traumas and healing, unfolds in a sequence of magnificent paintings, revealing the process by which the artist emerged as an independent, open and free person.

This book is rich with archetypal material–both in images and in words. The author/artist has taken a deep inner journey to find that simply expressing her emotions through art has helped her to heal. The art is filled with shadow and light; the words are profound. It is a fascinating testimony about the power of art as a healing resource.

Readers said about this book:

  • “Very moving, powerful work”
  • “I see myself in every page”
  • “It makes my hair stand up”
  • “It will empower many people to honor their inner truth”
  • “It is beautiful and magical”
  • “Every page is symbolic of going from darkness into light”
  • “You have cheated time, you know at 36 what takes 50 year to learn.”
  • “A book of great depth and few words”
  • “A tool for meditation”

The Art of Frida Kahlo: Ethnic and Cultural Identity, Feminism, the Struggle of the Disabled and Political Ideology

Frida Kahlo has been regarded as a symbol of beauty, of strength in adversity and a kind of phoenix that through art rises from the ashes of her life experience. Little emphasis has been placed on her sociological view and political activism. Frida used images of her own body and face to express her ideas, as a result of this some art critics and historians have believed her art to be strictly personal. However, her physical self was at the crossroads between her internal life and her external life, in other words in was the place where psychology and sociology met. Therefore, the statements that Frida made using depictions of her physical self, were also statements about society at large.
The themes of ethnic and cultural identity, Marxism, feminism, and the struggle of the sick and disabled are clearly present in her paintings. This book explores and analyzes the sociological content of Frida Kahlo’s artistic expression by focusing on four of her striking paintings.

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