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Brother lizard, there you are

Nature surrounds me with love and support,
It holds my hand, It soothes my soul.

My pain is erased gently by the sun, the blue sky, the big oak, the sunning lizard on a rock, a bird singing.

I don’t need to know anything else, about the future.

All I am is enough,

All I do is enough,

All I enjoy is enough,

All I suffer is enough.

Joy is my guide, showing me the way;

Brother lizard, there you are, on the grass, in the sun,  joyfully catching a fly and a mosquito as they went by.

You are very still under the sun, but fast as lighting catching your prey; Yours is a balanced life, it seems to me.

Forgive me if I misunderstand your struggle.


The complex root system of my life’s ascent

Abandoned trucks and refrigerators used to litter that open field, then green vines covered them and made it beautiful again.

Skeletons from the past, became shapely formations for the gardens of the future.

I’m thrilled to climb the complex root system of my life’s ascent.

By the time I summit this colossal sequoia I want to have burned all my fuel, developed all my resources, exploited all my talents, exhausted all my expressions.

Then, satisfied, go back to dust.

My life is a strange dancer, wholly committed to her eccentric movements; disregarding all naysayers

and oblivious to self-doubt, exploring youth, parenting, dreams,  caves, enchanted forests, castles made of light, and old age with my beloved.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Love Poems: Music and Poetry at MATCH Midtown Arts Center

The Flamenco Poets Society and the Houston Composers Salon presents, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Love Poems: Music and Poetry.

Hsin-Jung Tsai, pianist and Thomas Helton, bassist of the Houston Composers Salon will interpret original music to the love poems of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Lorena B. Fernandez, will read the poetry in Spanish with English translations available in the printed program.

Known as the Tenth Muse, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is Latin America’s finest Baroque poet, but her work was forgotten for almost two hundred years until rediscovered by women scholars at the start of the 20th century. Thanks in part to Octavio Paz’s majestic biographical study; Sor Juana has regained her rightful place as a prolific writer and thinker. She is now credited as the first published feminist of the new world.

Writing about love was for Sor Juana a deep declaration of psychic, spiritual and emotional need. Her love poems are expressions of the uncertain modern psyche. Because they are ferociously passionate, we feel consumed by the naked intensity she achieves.

Join us for an evening of Music and Poetry at MATCH Midtown Arts Center. Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 6:00 pm. Tickets $30 General Admission, $25 Houston Composers Salon Members, Seniors 65+ and student with ID. Tickets online at

For details contact Julietta at 713-520-9364

The flower elephant incarnates the subtle

I see an elephant,
It’s a strange one:
part anteater, part tropical flower.
It’s behind a muscular hare,
Strong and fast.
Half the hare’s face is covered by a flag.
Is it the flag from its country?
No. It only represents it.
The gentle flower elephant
Cannot do many things that the hare does for it,
With Love.
The flower elephant incarnates the subtle, the sublime,
And it’s not afraid of death.
Yet, it receives protection from the flag-bearing hare.
The hare has roots, connections and common ground with many.
It’s driven in the world.
They harmonize each other
Embodying balance
And collaboration.
Different aspects of self,
And partnerships.

I’m Not Interested In How-Tos

Yesterday at my studio I had many visitors,
And I asked most of them to play percussion instruments,
There was a drummer who came with his painter daughter,
and it was so fun to play with them, that we did that for over an hour.
People from other studios came to belly dance, to smile, to say hello, to film and to watch.
I told several people about expressive arts, and some were interested in doing sessions with me.
I met two women that I would love to become friends with;
smart, artistic, dynamic, intelligent, global, fun, funny and with great energy.
Both of them are planning to go to my poetry and music performance at The Match.
What did I notice about myself?
I notice that I love creativity, improvisation, beauty, joviality, fun. I love to play.
I love to meet people and talk and listen about the dream life of the soul,
the imaginings inside us, the psyche,
how those drive our actions,
the actions of our loved ones,
the actions of all humans.
This is a fascinating topic, and I forever desires new perspectives on it.
I notice that all daily, mundane things can be full of meaning and mystery.
However, when they are discussed without passion,
And not viewed as evocative and mystifying,
but just as “facts”, as if events in human life were
on a mechanistic conveyor belt of repetition,
control and tradition,
I swiftly become bored and my precious energy depleted.

I’m not interested in how-tos,
I know that if the psyche wants it, it will make it happen. Unless it can’t.
I’m interested in the roots of all there is in human life:
the mind, the soul, love, creative play and imagination.
Without those there is nothing.

Open Studios at JoMar Visions September 10 2016