Creativity workshops
for Women Starting a New Stage of Life

Facilitated by Lorena Fernandez, Ph.D.

Are you in a new country, a new job, a new relationship, something else new? This enjoyable class will help you take advantage of creative resources to successfully navigate this new stage of life. The class will meet 4 times.Each day we will create a symbol (drawing, painting, sculpture, poem) inspired by the topics of that day.

1. There is no wrong way to do things.

2. No experience is needed.

3. There is no evaluation.

4. All feelings and improvisations are allowed.

5. Everything proposed during the class is only a suggestion.

6. Please wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, or a change of clothes.

7. Please bring a notebook to write your reflections.

8. All materials are included

9. When? Once per week for 4 weeks in January 2019 from 9:30-12:30

10. Where? Near Museumplein Amsterdam (email for address)

11. Cost? € 150(to sing up email:

12. Number of participants: 12

13. Workshop In English / Spanish

The class will meet 4 times. Each day we will create a symbol (drawing, painting, sculpture, poem) inspired by the topics of the day

Day 1 Looking at the Domain where the New Situation roams

1. Lifeline in colors from the past, to now and to the future.

2. Pressures in your life. Some build you up, some tear you down.

3. Values: Personal Values. Professional Values.

Day 2 Modifying Expectations for the New Situation

4. Redefining what is meaningful

5. Meeting your Inner Critic and Inner Supporter.

6. Carl Jung’s Shadow and befriending your own.

Day 3 Creating a Vision of the New Situation

7. Your ideal environment. What helps you thrive?

8. Networks of support. Who supports you? Who do you support?

Day 4 Putting it all together

9. Creating the Story. “Once upon a time…” Illustrated text.

10. Music Improv. Freedom in Collaboration.

11. Telling your story

Bonus (If we have time)

1. Non-Verbal Communication. Structures of Communication.