Art Revealed Texas Capitol building exhibition

Dancing Human Network

Here I invite you to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub that took away 49 precious souls. These photos are about an art exhibition at the Capitol building in Austin Texas. 

My heart is broken from senseless gun violence, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, discrimination against black and brown people, discrimination for any reason.  My broken heart feels helpless in stopping these devastating human problems. So when my friend Texas photographer Renee Rodriguez invited me to participate in this Remembrance tribute I thought it was a spiritual opportunity to offer my art to our suffering human hearts. To help us notice our shared humanity.

There might be superficial differences but what we have in common is much larger, deeper, and more important than our differences. I want us to reconnect with the torrent of love underneath our feelings of separation and hate.

I empathize with each of the 49 souls that lost their lives because I am a dancer and music lover. I am a person of color. I have beloved friends and family that belong to the LGBTQ community. These souls were there to dance, enjoy music, and enjoy other humans in community. Those actions are sacred to me. They are deep spiritual needs for our species from the beginning of time. The Pulse 49 souls were attacked in that space of art, self-expression, dance, creativity, and love. I want to express my grief for the suffering they experienced and my love for their memory, and for the families and friends left behind with broken hearts.

As my tribute I created a sculpture, a dancing human Network, to show that we are interconnected, interdependent, and stand together on the same feet. 

That is our beauty. 

We, humans must stand together, cherish our differences, rejoice in our diversity, join together in art, music, dance, technology, medicine, conservation, entertainment, the bounty of our human tribe, and our human hearts. That is what I wanted to express with my art. The exhibit will be at the Rotunda of the Capitol building from June 12 to 18 2021. I hope you get a chance to see  the tributes offered by us, five women in Texas. 

PULSE Nightclub Texas Tribute Art

This is a video introduction to artist Lorena Fernandez and her involvement with  PULSE/49: A Texas Remembrance Exhibition.  It is also a message of peace, unity and love. 

Please follow @pulse49txrem on Instagram and join our private group to see and learn about the latest project that my art team @reneerodriguezfineartphoto  @fineart_shawna  @mitchdarte @nanettesandoval and I have been dedicated to for the past year,collaboratively ! We are so humbly excited to exhibit our heartfelt works dedicated to the lives of 49 souls that are gone way too soon as we approach the 5 year anniversary of the PULSE Nightclub tragedy. We hope you will follow our page and journey  as we will be exhibiting these works in Austin, Texas at the State Capitol!  Works on exhibit June 11-17.

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Native Roots

Hello dear Friends! I want to share with you my painting, rattling, and humming moving meditation, which is a kind of “coming out” and, therefore, does feel vulnerable. First, let me tell you the Native story that inspired this painting:

According to the tradition of the Mirripuye Indians who are part of my ancestral heritage, and inhabited my birthplace, the Venezuelan Andes Mountains, Caribay was the first woman. She was the daughter of the fiery Zuhé (the Sun) and the pale Chía (the Moon). She was the genius of the aromatic forests. She could run over the mountains as fast as the crystalline waters of the streams. She imitated the song of all the birds. One late afternoon Caribay saw five enormous white eagles flying through the sky and she fell in love with their beauty, enormous size, and sparkling white feathers. She ran after them, crossing valleys and mountains, always following the shadows that the birds drew upon the ground. She finally reached the top of a cliff from which she saw how the eagles descended on peaks higher still. Caribay wanted to adorn herself with those rare and splendid feathers and she ran up towards the eagles to get them, but when she was finally able to touch them she was surprised by the cold of the glacial feathers. The eagles were frozen, turned into five huge, shining masses of ice. Shortly afterward the Moon was darkened by the clouds and the five eagles woke up from their frozen trance and flapped their wings and the whole mountain was adorned with their white plumage. This is the origin of the snow-capped mountains of my hometown in Mérida, Venezuela. The five white eagles adorn the five towering Snowy Peaks that surround my city. They are called: Pico Bolívar, Pico Humboldt, Pico el Toro, Pico el León and Pico la Concha. This story has influenced my own life in different ways at different times in my personal and spiritual journey.

I’m becoming more public about my native heritage after age 50. The topic never came up before or perhaps I was conforming to the dominant culture, perhaps it was internalized racism, so this was kept somewhat private. (I’m Mestiza. My heritage is Southern European, Native American, and West African, I’m originally from Venezuela.) My Native self has always been part of my spiritual life. At 4 years old I learned the story of Caribay and the Five White Eagles and how they related to my birthplace and where I grew up in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela. I have had the story in my heart since then and dance to it often. I did share it occasionally, particularly with my Expressive Arts community who cared about the emotional and spiritual life.

Now Native things are becoming so mainstream in the culture at large that I have been called by the younger generation to take my place as an elder. For years I have felt a bit guilty about not offering enough spiritual support, although I have been teaching Expressive Arts for many years but always avoiding the spiritual language. That has changed in this year of planetary transition. Now I have become completely certain and solid regarding my path as a spiritual Expressive Arts elder. Now, even when I have not turned at all on my path, (I have Only walked forward) I see myself taking my responsibility as an elder of the human tribe. I certainly will not push myself, as I am unable to conform to velocity requirements from other people, but this thing is just happening organically and I am just open to it. So this painting and rattling came through depicting the 5 white Eagles, the Sierra Nevada de Merida Venezuela, the Mother Moon, the Father Sun, and a daughter of the First Woman. I don’t plan what I will paint so that I have a spontaneous channel that my deepest, highest self can use to send messages to my awareness. This is such a message. To me this is a clear sign of my entering spirituality in a deeper way now, integrating more of the beings that I really am, and willing to share that with my human tribe.

Yes, my Mirripuye / Timotocuica roots have been part of my life since I was 4 because my grandfather danced with me and I was given the stories, but it has been lonely because the tribes were completely assimilated and the thousands of Mestizos like me haven’t really had access to a lot of the knowledge from that part of our heritage. And also there has been internalized racism, of course. This is a step in finding ways to honor all of me, which translates into being able to love and cherish others in their totality. My heritage is Mirripuye, Timotocuica, Spanish, and West African. Interestingly I have taken part in Djembe drumming for years before I knew that it is a drum from West Africa!! Also, I have been collaborating with the Flamenco Poets Society of Houston for years, that part of my heritage was better known by me. I love to embody both the oppressed and the oppressor. That is a perfect metaphor for the ways how I have oppressed myself at times and a road map to liberating myself.  I am very thankful for having this life opportunity exactly as it has been in so many ways! I look forward to increasing my knowledge about the parts of myself that have been oppressed by my adaptation to the dominant culture. I rejoice in seeing a change in that dominant culture thanks to the youth of our time, and movements like BLM ✊🏿 and MeToo that aid in awakening from my own internalized sexism and racism. These are interesting times and I rejoice in the opportunity to see and to somehow in my small way help us humans move forward!! Love and light my dear friends! 😘❤️ Thanks for listening. 🙏

Spontaneous painting

Spontaneous painting can be a powerful tool to shed our cultural indoctrination and accept and honor our deeper nature.

The hand with a halo

Spontaneous art can aid in your liberation. Here is an example. “The revelation from that painting was “A Hand” that seems to belong to that woman but is coming out far from where she is, so her body doesn’t make sense. Her body “should be different.” During the painting session, I really wanted to change that, cover up that hand. And then I realized that I don’t want to paint over the hand. I want to put a halo on it because the hand is part of the gift. The hand is sacred. The hand doesn’t make sense to the conditioned mind, you know, to the “rule follower.” And that’s the one that I want to shed (or peel off.) I want to gain my freedom and lose my conditioning. I put a halo around the hand that didn’t seem to make sense or fit in, as sacred. That made me think about my body and the things that I want to change about it, or that some people want to criticize about me. Some people pretend that they care about my health or that hate their own body. They dislike their body and are obsessed with that… and have always been obsessed with that. And they spill that venom on other people, anyone who’s around them so they’re very critical of other people’s bodies. In the same way, they’re critical of their own body, emanating from self-rejection and self-hate. And that’s their right, you know. It’s their right to say what they want to say, freedom of expression. And what I would like is for me to not be affected in the least, by that. If I am affected by it, of course, it means that I believe it to some degree. I don’t believe it because I know that my body is sacred exactly as it is, and it makes sense as it is. And perhaps not in the cultural sense, how culture would like to shape me, but it makes sense in the natural being that I am. This painting helps me to understand that, and it was quite strong, the urge to cover up the hand. Leaving the hand there now, I really love it. I love the hand with a halo. And I accept it as part of that beautiful body and it makes sense to me now. So, intuitive painting is a very practical way to turn away from this oppressive slavery to patterns from the culture and turn towards self-acceptance, radical self-acceptance. Which is true freedom and true joy and to be at peace with who I am and to be at peace with my body. To be at peace with how I express myself, to be at peace with every aspect of my expression, to be on my side, to not abandon my side because someone else says that I should be, or think, or say something different. That loyalty to my inner truth is very important and it’s part of what we develop in the spontaneous painting practice.” Lorena Fernandez .⁣ #yourself #personalpower #love #selflove #motivation #personalgrowth #grateful #selfawareness #makeithappen #selfcare #youhavethepower #mindsetcreator #self #createlifeyou #livethelifeyouwant #keepgoing #mindset #happen #expressivearts #abundance #all #peace #positive

The whale protector

The whale is symbolic of that which cannot be easily subjugated— just as a person’s inner truth, voice, and creativity cannot be easily silenced. But still… there is vulnerability and the need for protection. Protect your inner truth, voice, and creativity. Be on your side. Express Yourself. ❤️🌷 ⁣

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It has been a couple of beautiful sunny days in Amsterdam and again I appreciate the contrast that allows me to really appreciate good weather. Therefore, this painting is called Contrast. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm. ⁣ The painting came with a message from myself to me:

Mi ser interior
Confía en mi sabiduría.
Mi ser interior
me entiende perfectamente,
por lo tanto,
las críticas de los demás
no me duele,
porque mi ser interior sabe que
Son el resultado de una perspectiva
que no tiene nada
que ver conmigo.
Si una critica me duele
Mi ser interior aprende
que hay un punto
De confusión dentro de mí.
Entonces la critica se convierte
en una oportunidad
Para Aclararme en esa área.
Mi ser interior
Confía en mi sabiduría.

My inner being
Trusts my wisdom.
My inner being
understands me perfectly,
criticism from others,
does not hurt me.
because my inner being knows that
It is the result of a perspective
that has nothing
to do with me.
If a comment hurts me
My inner being learns
that there is a point
Of confusion within me.
Then the criticism turns
Into an opportunity
To clarify myself in that area.
My inner being
Trust my wisdom.

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The hidden flower

The hidden flower, coming out of the gray darkness… Cautiously. Hoping to hang on to her vitality and her vibrancy. Even under pressure, misunderstandings and criticism. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm.

La flor escondida, que sale de la oscuridad gris … Con cautela. Esperando aferrarse a su vitalidad. Incluso bajo presión, malentendidos y críticas. Acrílico sobre lienzo. 70cmx80cm.
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Twilight Flowers Against Pandemic Anxiety

Every day I use colors and chaos and from there I shape something new. Somehow that gives me hope. I try to listen to my feelings and express what is under the surface. I never know beforehand what I will create. I can experience surprise through the way the materials interact. That is exactly what I like. I like to follow my impulses, moment to moment.

My art helps me deal with the need for novelty and the unknown. That need can be a challenge while under the sameness of quarantine.

Vibrant Flowers of another day.