Three foreigners

TThree foreigners, a Cuaima, a woman and a Grulla, met on a field of pink Tulips presumably in the outskirts of Amsterdam. They instantly felt at home with each other.  The Cuaima is the largest snake in America, measuring up to 4 meters long and weighing more than 5 kilos.They are rare snakes and in […]

Exhibition Germany

Exhibition Gallery Dreho Hagweg 1 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany. 2019 – Lost Worlds Venezuela. My contribution in paintings about Venezuela: 1. Pain for what was Lost – Acrylic on paper. 42x29cm2. Identity in Transition, Who Am I, and Where Am I Going – Acrylic on canvas. 150x80cm3. New Horizon, Integration of what Remained – Acrylic on […]