DEMO intuitive expressive arts session

I don’t know what I will paint. The colors and images come from impulses that are not thoughts but bodily sensations. Like when you see a fruit, and you take it and bite it without any thoughts. In that way, I take colors and put them on the canvas. Also, images arise by themselves from my unconscious. Often, my rational mind objects to what shows up. But I am interested in the message that comes from that mysterious part of myself. It is tricky to follow this method because it has a natural evolution that my rational mind tries to block. Often the message doesn’t come until the end of the painting. In this case, it was only after I noticed that the woman’s skin had scales, like a crocodile. Then it all became clear; boundaries are fair and necessary. Watch the video to receive the message. This simple but profound message is not just for me but for anyone who needs it. That is why I share it here. Lorena Fernandez

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I am an artist and Person-Centered Expressive Arts educator. This blog is for sharing my creative work, including demos of intuitive painting, interviews, and other things. Lorena Fernandez