Native Roots

Hello dear Friends! I want to share with you my painting, rattling, and humming moving meditation, which is a kind of “coming out” and, therefore, does feel vulnerable. First, let me tell you the Native story that inspired this painting: According to the tradition of the Mirripuye Indians who are part of my ancestral heritage, […]

The whale protector

The whale is symbolic of that which cannot be easily subjugated— just as a person’s inner truth, voice, and creativity cannot be easily silenced. But still… there is vulnerability and the need for protection. Protect your inner truth, voice, and creativity. Be on your side. Express Yourself. ❤️🌷 ⁣ #artstagram #artcurator #artwork #artistofinstagram #artcollector #artofinstagram […]


It has been a couple of beautiful sunny days in Amsterdam and again I appreciate the contrast that allows me to really appreciate good weather. Therefore, this painting is called Contrast. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm. ⁣ The painting came with a message from myself to me: Mi ser interior Confía en mi sabiduría. Mi ser […]