Spontaneous painting

Spontaneous painting can be a powerful tool to shed our cultural indoctrination and accept and honor our deeper nature.

The hand with a halo

Spontaneous art can aid in your liberation. Here is an example. “The revelation from that painting was “A Hand” that seems to belong to that woman but is coming out far from where she is, so her body doesn’t make sense. Her body “should be different.” During the painting session, I really wanted to change that, cover up that hand. And then I realized that I don’t want to paint over the hand. I want to put a halo on it because the hand is part of the gift. The hand is sacred. The hand doesn’t make sense to the conditioned mind, you know, to the “rule follower.” And that’s the one that I want to shed (or peel off.) I want to gain my freedom and lose my conditioning. I put a halo around the hand that didn’t seem to make sense or fit in, as sacred. That made me think about my body and the things that I want to change about it, or that some people want to criticize about me. Some people pretend that they care about my health or that hate their own body. They dislike their body and are obsessed with that… and have always been obsessed with that. And they spill that venom on other people, anyone who’s around them so they’re very critical of other people’s bodies. In the same way, they’re critical of their own body, emanating from self-rejection and self-hate. And that’s their right, you know. It’s their right to say what they want to say, freedom of expression. And what I would like is for me to not be affected in the least, by that. If I am affected by it, of course, it means that I believe it to some degree. I don’t believe it because I know that my body is sacred exactly as it is, and it makes sense as it is. And perhaps not in the cultural sense, how culture would like to shape me, but it makes sense in the natural being that I am. This painting helps me to understand that, and it was quite strong, the urge to cover up the hand. Leaving the hand there now, I really love it. I love the hand with a halo. And I accept it as part of that beautiful body and it makes sense to me now. So, intuitive painting is a very practical way to turn away from this oppressive slavery to patterns from the culture and turn towards self-acceptance, radical self-acceptance. Which is true freedom and true joy and to be at peace with who I am and to be at peace with my body. To be at peace with how I express myself, to be at peace with every aspect of my expression, to be on my side, to not abandon my side because someone else says that I should be, or think, or say something different. That loyalty to my inner truth is very important and it’s part of what we develop in the spontaneous painting practice.” Lorena Fernandez .⁣ #yourself #personalpower #love #selflove #motivation #personalgrowth #grateful #selfawareness #makeithappen #selfcare #youhavethepower #mindsetcreator #self #createlifeyou #livethelifeyouwant #keepgoing #mindset #happen #expressivearts #abundance #all #peace #positive

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