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Dancing Human Network

Here I invite you to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub that took away 49 precious souls. These photos are about an art exhibition at the Capitol building in Austin Texas. 

My heart is broken from senseless gun violence, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, discrimination against black and brown people, discrimination for any reason.  My broken heart feels helpless in stopping these devastating human problems. So when my friend Texas photographer Renee Rodriguez invited me to participate in this Remembrance tribute I thought it was a spiritual opportunity to offer my art to our suffering human hearts. To help us notice our shared humanity.

There might be superficial differences but what we have in common is much larger, deeper, and more important than our differences. I want us to reconnect with the torrent of love underneath our feelings of separation and hate.

I empathize with each of the 49 souls that lost their lives because I am a dancer and music lover. I am a person of color. I have beloved friends and family that belong to the LGBTQ community. These souls were there to dance, enjoy music, and enjoy other humans in community. Those actions are sacred to me. They are deep spiritual needs for our species from the beginning of time. The Pulse 49 souls were attacked in that space of art, self-expression, dance, creativity, and love. I want to express my grief for the suffering they experienced and my love for their memory, and for the families and friends left behind with broken hearts.

As my tribute I created a sculpture, a dancing human Network, to show that we are interconnected, interdependent, and stand together on the same feet. 

That is our beauty. 

We, humans must stand together, cherish our differences, rejoice in our diversity, join together in art, music, dance, technology, medicine, conservation, entertainment, the bounty of our human tribe, and our human hearts. That is what I wanted to express with my art. The exhibit will be at the Rotunda of the Capitol building from June 12 to 18 2021. I hope you get a chance to see  the tributes offered by us, five women in Texas. 

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