It has been a couple of beautiful sunny days in Amsterdam and again I appreciate the contrast that allows me to really appreciate good weather. Therefore, this painting is called Contrast. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm. ⁣ The painting came with a message from myself to me:

Mi ser interior
Confía en mi sabiduría.
Mi ser interior
me entiende perfectamente,
por lo tanto,
las críticas de los demás
no me duele,
porque mi ser interior sabe que
Son el resultado de una perspectiva
que no tiene nada
que ver conmigo.
Si una critica me duele
Mi ser interior aprende
que hay un punto
De confusión dentro de mí.
Entonces la critica se convierte
en una oportunidad
Para Aclararme en esa área.
Mi ser interior
Confía en mi sabiduría.

My inner being
Trusts my wisdom.
My inner being
understands me perfectly,
criticism from others,
does not hurt me.
because my inner being knows that
It is the result of a perspective
that has nothing
to do with me.
If a comment hurts me
My inner being learns
that there is a point
Of confusion within me.
Then the criticism turns
Into an opportunity
To clarify myself in that area.
My inner being
Trust my wisdom.

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Twilight Flowers Against Pandemic Anxiety

Every day I use colors and chaos and from there I shape something new. Somehow that gives me hope. I try to listen to my feelings and express what is under the surface. I never know beforehand what I will create. I can experience surprise through the way the materials interact. That is exactly what I like. I like to follow my impulses, moment to moment.

My art helps me deal with the need for novelty and the unknown. That need can be a challenge while under the sameness of quarantine.

Vibrant Flowers of another day.

Moving Meditation

Moving Meditation painting imaginary flowers. There are many ways to stimulate serotonin and dopamine, and painting is definitely my favorite! 

(serotonin governs whether you are operating from a sense of calm and contentment or from a feeling of anxiety and fear, dopamine moves you from boredom or apathy to excitement and engagement) 

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Interview with Expressive Arts Therapist Anin Utigaard

Here I’m sharing an interview I did for the Facebook group Artists of IEATA with my friend Nina “Anin” Utigaard, a founding member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association IEATA who is also a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, MFT, and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT). She recently relocated to Ashland, Oregon in 2017 but has also continued her private practice in San Francisco. 

The Person-Centered approach in Expressive Arts with Lisa Anthony

In this interview, my dear friend Lisa Anthony, based in the UK, shares about her work as a Person-Centered counselor and Expressive Arts practitioner. I have added approximate times when we touch on several fascinating subjects.
1:00 Lisa’s professional journey so far.
5:00 Shamanism and age-old traditions, journeying to other inner spheres (without appropriation but with respect for different cultures)
10:30 The way how we experience the NOW is informed by previous experiences. Acknowledging our history.
12:00 Acknowledging the present for its own impact, without history.
14:00 Not judging our feelings but finding ways to feel them completely.
17:37 Using our emotions to make a positive change in the world, for example being angry provides energy to make a change.
24:00 Humans understand the world through stories; through their narratives. We are also physical beings and store emotional pain in our bodies.
30:50 An image can provide awareness about many aspects of a complex situation in one glance.
36:00 Beautiful Mady demonstrates how to be fully present and without censoring our responses to the world but being authentic.

En esta entrevista, mi querida amiga Lisa Anthony, residente del Reino Unido, comparte sobre su trabajo como consejera centrada en la persona y practicante de artes expresivas. Agregué tiempos aproximados en los que tocamos varios temas fascinantes.
1:00 El viaje profesional de Lisa hasta ahora.
5:00 Chamanismo y tradiciones ancestrales, viaje a otras esferas interiores (sin apropiación pero con respeto a las diferentes culturas)
10:30 La forma en que experimentamos AHORA está informada por experiencias pasadas. Reconociendo nuestra historia.
12:00 Reconociendo el presente por su propio impacto, sin historia.
14:00 No juzgues nuestros sentimientos, busca formas de sentirlos plenamente.
17:37 Usar nuestras emociones para hacer un cambio positivo en el mundo, por ejemplo, estar enojado proporciona energía para hacer un cambio.
24:00 Los seres humanos comprenden el mundo a través de historias; a través de sus narrativas. También somos seres físicos y almacenamos el dolor emocional en nuestro cuerpo.
30:50 Una imagen puede proporcionar conciencia de muchos aspectos de una situación compleja de un solo vistazo.
36:00 La bella perrita Mady demuestra cómo estar plenamente presente y sin censura nuestras respuestas al mundo pero siendo auténticas.

Deep Connection

Deep Connection. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm

This painting became a meditation on the deep connection that links us to those around us as well as to our Earth 🌍 environment. We are all made of the exact same matter and energy, let us look after each other.

The painting starts with the base colors, the elements that form everything, and then some differentiation begins to happen and some parts become flowers, other parts become a person, other parts are spaces in between. But someone who saw the process knows that it is all one thing.
Deep Connection. Acrylic on canvas. 70cmx80cm

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Three foreigners

TThree foreigners, a Cuaima, a woman and a Grulla, met on a field of pink Tulips presumably in the outskirts of Amsterdam. They instantly felt at home with each other. 

The Cuaima is the largest snake in America, measuring up to 4 meters long and weighing more than 5 kilos.They are rare snakes and in Venezuela even more so due to the destruction of their habitat. Like all vipers, it is poisonous;  Its venom is not as toxic as that of its cousins ​​Mapanares and Rattlesnakes BUT the large amount that it can inject due to its size is the reason for how dangerous its bite is. The Grulla is a bird that lives in areas of swamps, lakes and rivers in Venezuela where the spaces are open, and they have freedom to walk with their long legs.

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Exhibition Germany

Exhibition Gallery Dreho
Hagweg 1 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany. 2019 – Lost Worlds Venezuela. My contribution in paintings about Venezuela:

1. Pain for what was Lost – Acrylic on paper. 42x29cm
2. Identity in Transition, Who Am I, and Where Am I Going – Acrylic on canvas. 150x80cm
3. New Horizon, Integration of what Remained – Acrylic on canvas. 29x21cm

Exhibicion en Alemania *Mundos Perdidos* – mi contribucion en pinturas sobre Venezuela.
1. Dolor de lo Perdido – Acrilico sobre papel. 42x29cm.
2. Identidad en Transición, Quien Soy y a Donde Voy – Acrilico sobre tela. 150x80cm.
3. Nuevo Horizonte, Integracion de lo que Quedo . – Acrylico sobre tela. 29x21cm.

Pain for what was Lost – Acrylic on paper. 42x29cm
New Horizon, Integration of what Remained – Acrylic on canvas. 29x21cm